Trump Humiliated As Congressional Committee Votes To Make His Tax Returns Public – Express

When he was a Presidential candidate in 2016 Mr Trump refused to release his tax forms to the American public, breaking decades of precedence.

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On Tuesday a powerful congressional committee voted to publicly release Donald Trump’s tax returns. The Democratic-controlled House ways and means committee voted to release the documents after several hours of debate.

Mr Trump has gone to considerable lengths over a number of years to prevent his tax returns becoming fully publicly available.

However, the New York Times has previously released sections of the former President’s returns.

They showed how the New York real estate mogul had suffered serious losses and engaged in extensive tax avoidance.

Tuesday’s decision comes after a long battle that resulted in the Supreme Court giving permission for the treasury department to send the returns to Congress last month.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in Arlington, Virginia in November 2020 (Image: Getty Images )

Donald Trump

Donald Trump launching his 2024 Presidential bid last month (Image: Getty Images )

The committee has received six years of Mr Trump’s tax returns as well as some related to his businesses.

During a 2016 Presidential debate the billionaire bragged that he was “smart” as he paid no Federal tax.

He also later claimed that he wouldn’t personally benefit from the 2017 tax cuts he signed into law that favoured the very wealthy.

However, the lack of publicly available tax returns meant that Americans effectively had to take the former Apprentice star for his word.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaking to reporters at his mid term election night party (Image: Getty Images )

Donald Trump

Donald Trump at a rally in Ohio last month (Image: Getty Images )

In 2018 the New York Times scoop showed that Mr Trump received a modern equivalent of at least $413million from his father’s real estate holdings.

The findings were published in two separate series in 2018 and 2020.

Mr Trump sued the New York Times and his niece Mary Trump a ferocious critic of his political positions for providing the records to the publication.

The 2020 series showed that Mr Trump had only paid $750 in federal income tax in 2017 and 2018.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump at a rally in Miami last month (Image: Getty Images )

In 10 of the previous 15 years Trump had paid no income tax at all as he usually lost more money than he made.

Republicans have blasted the release of the tax returns, claiming it sets a dangerous precedence.

Writing on Truth Social, Mr Trump has claimed that there is little to be learnt from the tax returns.

Hae said: “You can’t learn much from tax returns, but it is illegal to release them if they are not yours!”